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Where can I find the (Dinand, Music, Science) Library? 

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See below for a map of the campus libraries. 

Dinand Library is located in the main loop on campus, next to Beaven Hall and across from O'Kane and Stein Halls. It is the building with the large staircase and pillars across the front. Dinand Library has 4 floors, one of which is divided into two half-levels (Basement and Mezzanine). 

The Music Library is located in Brooks Hall, on the end of Fenwick Hall directly across from St. Joseph's Chapel. It can be accessed by entering through the main entrance of Fenwick and then turning left, or by entering Brooks Hall across from the chapel and going up one floor.  The Music Library is located on a single level. 

The Science Library is located in the Integrated Science Complex (next to Beaven Hall) in Swords Hall, in the Swords Atrium near the Science Cafe. It can be accessed by entering the Integrated Science Complex from the main entrance (near the fountains/bronze statue), making a right and then making a left into the Swords Atrium. The Science Library is located on a single level.