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Can I print from my laptop to the library printers?

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Yes, you can! Please follow the instructions from ITS, linked below, for installing a printer. Please note: These instructions are for installing printers on personal laptops brought in by a student, faculty or staff member only. Faculty and staff using a HC laptop would not use these instructions.  Instructions for Students Instructions for Faculty ITS Help Desk 508-793-3548 Fenwick B21   ... read more

Does the library have a color printer?

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The libraries do not have color printing for general use. Please visit the Copy Center in Hogan.      ... read more

How many books can I check out at once?

5949 views   |   Last updated on Oct 08, 2020    borrowing books

Students may have up to 20 books checked out at a time.  Faculty may have up to 150 books checked out at a time.  Holy Cross staff (non-faculty) may have up to 10 books checked out at a time.  Students in the Honors program may have up to 50 books checked out at a time.   ... read more

How do I read a call number? 

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Books at Holy Cross are organized by Library of Congress (LC) call numbers. Call numbers allow librarians to (1) organize books on the shelf by topic, and (2) give each book a unique "address" that can be used to locate it in the library. Each letter and number in a call number refer to information about the book's topic.  Here is a tutorial on reading call numbers:   HC Libs Survival Guides #1: ... read more

What are the library's hours?

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For the most up-to-date list of hours for all library branches, including special exceptions, please visit our main calendar at http://www.holycross.edu/holy-cross-libraries/holy-cross-libraries-hours.   ... read more

What hours is the Writer's Workshop available? 

5813 views   |   Last updated on Oct 08, 2020    Writer's Workshop

For the most up-to-date schedule, you can always visit https://holycross.mywconline.com/ to view the Workshop's official calendar.  More information about the Writer's Workshop is available on their website.  ... read more

How do I renew a book?

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You can renew a book checked out from the Holy Cross Libraries online by logging into your library account. If a book is already overdue, you will not be able to renew online so you will need to come to the library to renew. Interlibrary Loan books have special policies for renewal depending on the rules set by the library that owns the book. You can sometimes renew Interlibrary Loan books by logg... read more

Where are Bibles located?

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Dinand Library has Bibles in both the reference collection in the Main Reading Room and in the stacks on the Mezzanine level. In the reference collection and in the stacks, Bibles are located in the call number range BS1 - BS2970. To find the location of a specific title, you can look up the call number in the library catalog.... read more

How long can I check out a book for?

5634 views   |   Last updated on Nov 03, 2022    borrowing books

The borrowing period for students is a full semester (whole academic year for students in honors program), with the exception of musical scores, and Nevins books which circulate for 28 days. You can renew books online by logging into your Library Account. Reference books, rare books and Reserve materials do not circulate outside the libraries. The hard copy Reserves are located and circulate from ... read more

Does the library get the Wall Street Journal?

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Holy Cross has online access to the Wall Street Journal. Please click here to read articles covering 1984 to today.... read more

How can I get an article that is from a journal that Holy Cross does not have?

5558 views   |   Last updated on Jan 09, 2018    Interlibrary Loan articles

If you need an article from a journal (or a specific issue of a journal) that Holy Cross does not have, you can request that we get a copy from another library using Interlibrary Loan. You can view a quick video introduction to Interlibrary Loan here:   HC Libs Survival Guides #3: Making the Most of Interlibrary Loan There are several different options for requesting articles through Interlibrary ... read more

What is the Holy Cross RefWorks Group Code?

5556 views   |   Last updated on Jan 09, 2018    RefWorks

The Holy Cross RefWorks Group Code is RWHolyCross. If you are using RefWorks off-campus, you can also log into RefWorks from the library's database list so that you will not need to use the Group Code.... read more

Where are foreign language dictionaries?

5505 views   |   Last updated on Jan 09, 2018    books

Dinand has a variety of foreign language dictionaries in the Main Reading Room. There are additional foreign language dictionaries shelved in the regular stacks. Try searching for the name of the language and the word dictionary in the library catalog to find the location and call number for a dictionary. Most foreign language dictionaries will be located in the P call number section, for example:... read more

Where are novels located?

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Books at Holy Cross are shelved according to Library of Congress Call number. For the most part, novels have call numbers starting with the letter P. The call numbers starting with the letter P are on the bottom floor of Dinand. If you look up the title or author of a novel in the library catalog, you will be able to see if Holy Cross has the book and see what the call number is. ... read more

How long does Interlibrary Loan usually take?

5437 views   |   Last updated on Jan 09, 2018    Interlibrary Loan

The time for Interlibrary Loan varies, and it depends if you are requesting a print item or an electronic article. If a library in the area has the source, we can usually get it quickly (sometimes in a few days). If a library in the Worcester area has the source, you can even go right to that library to check out a book or use a resource because you have borrowing privileges at other Worcester are... read more

Does the library have headphones that I can check out?

5426 views   |   Last updated on Jan 09, 2018    headphones borrowing

Yes. Dinand, the Science Library, and the Music Library all have headphones that can be checked out. Please ask at the front desk in any of the libraries.... read more

How do I know if an article is scholarly?

5419 views   |   Last updated on Feb 07, 2018    scholarly sources articles

This chart outlines the basic differences between scholarly articles and non-scholarly (sometimes called "popular") articles:   If you are not sure how to categorize the article (or other resource) that you are looking at, Ask A Librarian or your professor for help!  ... read more

Who is Dinand named after?

5417 views   |   Last updated on Jan 09, 2018    Dinand Library

Dinand Library was named in honor of Bishop Joseph N. Dinand, S.J., President of Holy Cross from 1911-1918 and from 1924-1927.... read more

How do I find the full text of an article?

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In many Holy Cross databases, the full text of articles you would like to read is easily available. Just look for a link or icon that says PDF or Full Text. Other times, however, a database might contain only the citation for a specific article, and you, the researcher, will have to take the next step to locate a copy of the article.  When this is the case, you will see the icon instead of a PDF o... read more

How do I find something that is on Reserve? 

5354 views   |   Last updated on Nov 03, 2022    Reserves

Many professors place materials, such as required books and articles, for their students on Reserves. Holy Cross has both print and electronic Reserves. Print Reserves can be checked out from the Circulation desk of the library where the Reserves material is located. Reserve materials may be used in only in the Library. To borrow Reserve materials, you will need your Holy Cross ID. The loan perio... read more

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