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What happens if I do not pay my library fines? 

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We understand that sometimes you fall a little behind on turning in your library items. We charge a small fine (usually 10¢ per day for books) to help make sure that all of our materials come home for others to use. If you lose a book and are unable to find it, there is a $50.00 fine, which helps us absorb the cost of buying a new copy, processing it, and getting it back on the shelf for others to use. Most students do not accumulate very many fines over the course of their time at Holy Cross. However, sometimes fines can stack up over time. 

Once you have accumulated $10.00 of unpaid library fines, your library account will be locked. You will not be allowed to check out any other items, except for materials on course reserve, until you have paid off enough to bring your balance under $10.00. If you have outstanding unpaid fines, sometimes you can wait until the end of each academic year when Dinand Library runs a Food For Fines drive. During this drive we will waive $1.00 of library fines owed for every food item or personal care item you donate. 

Note: Food for Fines cannot be used to pay off bursar holds, fines that you owe for books that are lost or damaged, or fines that you owe for anything borrowed through Interlibrary Loan. 

Several times a year, the library sends a report to the Bursar's Office of unpaid fines. If you have accumulated an excessive amount of unpaid library fines, at that point you will be notified that you have received a "Bursar Hold." A bursar hold means that there is a hold on your Holy Cross account. You will not be able to register for classes, or to graduate, until the bursar hold is removed (don't worry -- you will have plenty of notice before Commencement). You can remove the hold by paying the amount owed to either the library or the Bursar's Office, or by returning the items that you have missing and paying a maximum fine of $5.00 per item. If you have a hold outstanding after graduation, it will become a transcript hold and will persist until the issue is resolved. 

If you have any questions or concerns about fines on your account, please don't hesitate to ask at the Dinand circulation desk!