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Where can I take a quick phone call? 

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Most parts of our libraries are designated as "no cellphone" zones, out of respect for students who may be trying to study. However, we know that sometimes you receive an unexpected call that you really need to take! Here are some suggestions of places you can step out to take (or place) a quick phone call. Please do not leave your belongings unattended in any of the libraries! 

Dinand Library: Cell phones are allowed in Green Zones -- the Browsing Room, Blue Room and Group Study Rooms (basement level), the staff conference room, Graphic Novels and Visual Arts Wing (main level), and the Scalia Lab and Debate Room (2nd floor). You may also use the Hogan entrance or the patio area just outside. Note that the lower levels and stacks tend to have poor cellular reception. Please do not take phone calls in any of the stairwells if at all possible, as the sound echoes and carries far into other areas of the building. 

Science Library: The best place to make a call is the Swords Atrium area just outside the library. 

Music Library:  Since the Music Library space is small and a dedicated quiet zone, there are no cell phone spaces within the library. If you need to make a call, the best thing to do is to exit the library -- the area just outside the Brooks entrance, across from the Chapel, is a good, close spot. You can also exit into Fenwick Hall. We do not recommend trying to make phone calls in the area just outside the library near the Music Department classrooms, since this may be disruptive to on-going practices/classes.