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Why is Dinand Library so hot? 

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First, we apologize for the temperature in the building. This problem has been one of our number one concerns for quite some time.     

The heat/humidity in Dinand is because, unfortunately, there is no air conditioning within much of the building.  The original structure was built without it; when the Hiatt wings were added in the late 1970s, only a small segment of the overall structure was outfitted with air conditioning.  

We would very much like to add air conditioning to Dinand Library! However, this would require a complete replacement of the whole HVAC system with the addition of duct work in spaces where it currently does not exist.   Because of the kinds of windows in the building, adding window units is not an option.  We have been having a number of conversations with the College’s senior leadership about this issue. Unfortunately, we can't say when this problem will be resolved, but please know that it is a number one priority for us and we will continue to seek a permanent resolution.  

In the meantime, you will notice that we have a number of fans around the rest of the library in an attempt to keep the air moving and, where possible, draw in cooler outside air.  

There are also several study areas in the library that are air conditioned. These include:

  • The Periodicals Room (first floor);
  • Staff Conference Room, available to students when not in use (first floor); 
  • Scalia Lab (second floor); 
  • Debate Room (second floor)

The Science Library and Rehm Library are also air-conditioned. 

Please ask at the reference or circulation desk if you are not sure of how to find the spaces that are air conditioned in Dinand Library, if you need directions to the other libraries, or if you have concerns you would like us to be aware of.