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How do the library printers work? 

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All print jobs in the libraries are sent to a Print Release Station. 

  • In Dinand Library, the Print Release Station is located next to the Main Reading Room entrance, across from the printers.
  • In the Music Library, the Print Release Station is located at the end of the study carrels closest to the front desk. 
  • In the Science Library, the Print Release Station is located next to the printers. 

When you send a file to be printed, the file goes to the Print Release Station first. This helps prevent files from accidentally printing multiple times or stacking up on the printers. The Print Release system will automatically send your document to the first available printer. 

After sending your file, go to the Print Release Station and enter your username. The station will show you a list of the files you have waiting to be printed.  To begin printing, click the "Print" button next to each of the files that you want. If you have more than one print job you can click the “Print All” button in the lower right hand corner to release all jobs to the same printer.

Once you've finished, you can hit "Done" to exit the list of print jobs, or the station will automatically log you out after a few seconds. 

To send a file from your personal computer to the Print Release Station, please follow these instructions for installing a printer